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Access to great video content made easy

Specialist IT and Edtech company Metisware have announced the launch of the Virtual Learning Studio (VLS), a custom built, multi-media, can-do-it-all production space making access to quality, audio visual content for any industry, made easy.  The Studio provides businesses and brands the tools and the expertise to create and produce all types of online/video content.

Speaking on site from TSIBA House in Woodstock, Cape Town, where the new studio is located, Steven Pieterse, MD of Metisware says it’s well-known that content marketing is an effective way to build a brand and reach your target market. “One form of content marketing in high demand is video marketing which, done well, can be a powerful way for a business to communicate its message in a way that is easily accessible to a large audience,” he adds.

Having worked with top universities and educational facilities throughout South Africa in providing ‘feels-like-you’re-in-the-room’ virtual learning experiences, online graduations and events, Metisware have taken the next obvious step to offer their particular services to a broader market.   “This multimedia offering is not limited to educational facilities – from concept to full production, we have the flexibility and expertise to create, convert and conduct virtually any content, for any industry – transforming your vision and knowledge into something relatable and engaging for any given audience,” explains Steven.

The VLS provides a space where you can create your own marketing video, webinar, podcast, elevator pitch, promo reel, induction, online course, graduation or virtual event, and the control room which forms an integral part of the studio is where the magic happens.  Built around Metalware’s new Blackmagic video mixing, green screen, Rode audio and other livestreaming and production equipment, backed by a talented team of digital wizards lays the foundation for tailored, quality audio visual capabilities produced, captured and live-streamed, to anywhere in the world.

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