Solution INNOVATIVE RESPONSIVE VERSATILE We can develop software solutions for any platform. Software Development We centre our development from the ground up based on our clients' meed and desired outcomes. Those “I wonder if you can get the system to do x” questions are what we love. radio_button_checked radio_button_checked radio_button_checked Diversity 24H SUPPORT LICENSING NATIONWIDE IT Infrustructure radio_button_checked radio_button_checked radio_button_checked radio_button_checked Security. IT operations and risk management. Installation of servers, databases, building IT infrustructure, CCTV, VoIP, remote access, management solution. Software and Hardware management. Diversity ACADEMIC WEBINARS STUDIO Production and
Virtual Events
radio_button_checked radio_button_checked Animation design, onsite filming, studio filming
A plug and play solution.
Large Webinar events hosted on Zoom/Teams/BlueJeans with
tech support live, custom designed branding for events.
LMS platform to host courses, designed and tailored to your brand and target auidence. Course design with supporting analytics and incremental improvements. radio_button_checked radio_button_checked

Architects, digital designers,
problem solvers, inventors, creators

We are a team of true tech geeks, who absolutely love what we do, and that is developing cool useful stuff. Stuff that’s important to our clients, stuff that allows them to make the most out of their business, stuff that makes sense. Yes, we certainly know how to get the thingamabob to connect to the whatyoumacallit, but a true tech partner is much more than that!

Quality Over Quantity

With over 15 years of being industry experts in:

Online Events

Events invitation management, RSVP management, registration, time management, audio-visual elements, seating plans, menu and dietary requests.


We take information out of all of your systems, be it point of sale, booking engines or property management systems, put that together and make logical sense out of it.


Booking software integrates with the patient management file and the prescription record, scanning and loading reports and scripts – stitching all the pieces together.


From enquiry and lead generation, to admissions, to student course management through graduation and then over to Alumni care.

Yes, you can fit a round peg into a square box

We have a pretty good reputation for making things possible.
Our development team genuinely gets excited when we receive an out-of-the-box challenge.

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