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Revolutionising Education Management Systems


At Metisware, we recognise the complexities that educational institutions face in managing the student journey from start to finish.

Our Student Lifecycle Management system, integrating the best of Instructor and Scout, streamlines processes, ensures regulatory compliance, and enhances the educational experience.

From streamlined admissions to engaged learning environments and efficient administrative management, our solution supports institutions at every stage of the student lifecycle.

Instructor for Enhanced Learning


For lecturers, Instructor offers a comprehensive suite of tools to create, organise, and distribute course materials, including lecture notes, readings, videos, and more.

For students, Instructor transforms the educational experience by providing easy access to all course materials, schedules, and communication tools in one place.

Digital submissions and markings make it easy for students to manage their assignments and track their progress.

With Instructor, students have everything they need to succeed, right at their fingertips.


Organised Course Material

Task & Attendance Management

Interactive Tools

Digital Submissions Grading

Scout Comprehensive Management


Educational institutions face numerous challenges in managing the student lifecycle, from initial inquiries to alumni engagement and regulatory compliance.

Metisware’s Scout is a robust educational management system designed to simplify and optimise these processes.

Scout provides a seamless, automated solution that covers every aspect of student administration, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and compliance with South African regulatory authorities.

Beyond admissions, Scout excels in managing student records, including personal details, financial information, and academic history.


Automated Processes

Real-Time Analytics

Integrated Student Records

Custom Integration

Unified Benefits


Metisware’s Student Lifecycle Management offers comprehensive solutions to enhance learning and streamline administration, from enrolment to alumni engagement.

Tailor our system to fit your institution’s unique needs. Whether it’s automating communications or customising student access, our flexible platform adapts to support your goals.

Our unified approach ensures a superior educational experience for both students and staff.


Regulatory Compliance

Holistic Management

Operational Efficiency

Improved Engagement

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