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There’s a certain responsive expression that follows a video content idea; I believe the appropriate emoji is called Fred 😒. This ‘easier-said-than done, we’ll-never-get-that-right’ approach, however has some weight.

As video becomes more of a ‘must-have’ for businesses striving to remain relative, the reality of creating something worthwhile or even publishable can send a management team into paralysis, leaving the video content idea lurking at the bottom of the to-do list. But video need not be a daunting, mountain of a task.

Many an old-school manager will remember one of the first leadership catch-phrases or principles (depending on his or her relationship with catch-phrases) bandied about during the 1990’s; KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). The principle that most things work best if they are kept simple is the only way to approach your first soirée into video content. Start your video off with a straightforward ‘meet the team’ or a ‘short and sweet’ elevator pitch (those dang catch phrases), or something‘about us’ . If you’re creating an online educational experience or webinar, deliver a concise summary of the course outline and explain what delegates can expect to learn. By keeping it simple and breaking it down to an introduction, a summary of the message you want to get across, and a clever conclusion, you’ll be off to a good start.

But be warned; turning to the Millennials who may be armed with the latest smartphone, bragging 4 lenses, flip switches and steady mode, and believing that they’ve got this waxed, is going to land you in a frustrated mess. On the other hand, looking to a professional videographer and setting out scouting, shooting, scripting, animating, editing, voice-over-ing can result in a lot of unnecessary expenses.

Making sure you produce quality, engaging content must be at the forefront of your mind and face-it, we can all see right through a ‘do-it-yourself’ attempt.  Our video studio allows clients to walk in with a simple idea, hash it out with the team and walk out with a useful video loaded onto a USB.

We’ve demolished the barriers and created a space, service and solution that transforms the mountain into a molehill.

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