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Meet Our Team

Steven Pieterse

Main Maniac, Director and Tech Geek

Steven Pieterse, a self-confessed tech geek and founder of Metisware, was inspired to pursue a career in IT whilst working as a teacher for most of his life. He began writing software in an attempt to make education more accessible and relatable, using technology. Steven hails from Cape Town but grew up and completed his schooling in Johannesburg where he spent his free time at the local PC shop - he taught youngsters and the elderly how to send emails and navigate their way around a computer. But, his first real job was as a print programmer for the Readers Digest Sweepstakes – yip, he was the guy that sent good old fashioned spam before it went digital!

His career path took a few turns – he taught at the AAA School of Advertising and City Varsity for a good few years – Steven learnt that anyone can learn just about anything and that you just have to access their “learning socket”. He did a stint at the UCT Graduate School of Business heading up their software development division and there he got it that absolutely anything is possible.

Steven has a deep desire to save the world from itself through education and technology and thus the vision of Metisware was born - helping companies solve their business problems through technology; uncomplicated, smart, user-friendly systems and solutions for any and all business, done right, with his team of the ultimate tech-geeks, who really know their stuff!