Solution. An exhausted cliché it is, but the best one to describe our Metisware Scout.
An educational management system that takes the student along an educational journey with ease and attention. 

The business cycle of education is an onerous one, from enquiry and lead generation, to admissions, to student course management through graduation and then over to Alumni care. Considering all aspects of this dishevelled student cycle is paramount to success.

Scout for the administrator

Enter Scout; a Metisware developed educational management program designed to consider each step of the journey and plan for any scenario. What is also significant about the system is that our team of developers can tailor-make any aspect of the program to suit your way of doing things, customising and developing where needed. We can include telephonic automation, e-mail automation, sms prompting, social chatbots…we have thought of it all.

Lead generation and submission

Visualise a fully automated and highly developed lead generation and submission system. Our software tracks incoming enquiries from all possible channels; whether your prospect is surfing via your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, an event… Scout will process any enquiries and expedite your admissions and sales team to maximize conversion. The system not only allows applicants to apply online, it makes certain that they have everything in place in order for their application to be generated without any back-and-forth.

Our dashboard allows for forecasting and statistics, giving administrators an overview of applications projected, what’s in the pipeline and the status of current applications,  with a bird’s-eye view of your income revenue and forecast, allowing you to plan accordingly. The dashboard illustrates which courses are most popular, giving the number of enquiries and the number of conversions.

Our system can integrate into additional software, such as accounting programs, bulk e-mail and marketing systems like Mail Chimp or Everlytic; and our billing aspect manages your online payments.

Scout takes care of:

    • Enquiries

    • Applications

    • Application selection process

    • Student course management

    • Student historical record management

    • Education management

    • Marketing and remarketing across courses and interests

    • Alumni management

Full student lifecycle management

Apart from the obvious, that being holding and capturing a student’s information – personal particulars, contact details, account and financial details, any special requirements such as diet or special needs – our Scout makes student life significantly easier.

Customisable integration

Scout provides a full student lifecycle management system. Our system can, for instance, via a student card, provide access to the library, or on-campus Wifi by ticking the appropriate box on the profile. We can personalise your system so that payments must be up to date to allow access to campus. The possibilities are endless and can be customised according to your specific set-up.

Imagine a back office educational management system that is able to cover all bases. From the moment a student clicks on a ‘Find out more here’ on Facebook or social stream, Scout is there to support them through their educational journeys.

What you get

Students receive a login to the Scout System that provides access to:

  • A list of applications made
  • Courses signed up for
  • Start and end dates
  • Account and payment management
  • References
  • Interview information
  • Entrance test results
  • Class details
  • Student status
  • Communication preference
  • Education history
  • Communication logs
  • Events attended
  • One click integration into Metisware Instructor
  • Scholarship details
  • Reporting


All things IT, that’s what we at Metisware are in a nutshell, a very large nutshell that is. We are a team of true tech geeks, who absolutely love what we do, and that is developing cool useful stuff.

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We have a pretty good reputation for making things possible. Our teams genuinely gets excited when we receive an out-of-the-box challenge. We centre our development from the ground up based on our clients’ needs.

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