A learning tool that students and lecturers use in order to facilitate their learning experience.

We’ve taken the learning experience, from a lecturer and student viewpoint and developed the ultimate tool to make a seamless, easy, interactive and solution-based learning platform.

For the lecturer

We know that not every teacher uses the same methods and that teaching is specialised, so we’ve taken this into account. Instructor is the place where the lecturer builds the course material. Lecture notes, announcements, readings, video lectures, PowerPoint slides, references, you name it.

Because we’ve moved into the realm of ‘blended’ instruction, our platform provides methods to bring this into your teaching. We’ve included options of real- time chat rooms, discussion forums, blogs, all in order to elicit participation outside of lecture halls.

The tool also allows you to personally manage your workload, allowing you to measure and manage the pace at which you would like to work, by providing task lists and deadlines. We’ve also included a student register, which not only fills you in on student numbers and attendance, but also allows you to communicate via the platform or by e-mail. But we didn’t stop there; lecturers or administrators can see announcement engagement – who has viewed the communication and when – instilling student accountability.


Course Manager Features:

    • Communication tools
      (Email – group or individual; SMS; Platform notification; Chat rooms; Group forums for in-depth discussion)

    • Course material folder structure- an organised master copy

    • Course material options – Files, URL, Video

    • Scheduling course material for release

    • Course material engagement

    • Digital hand-ins with auto-close settings

    • Attendance management and tracking to assist with WPSL compliance

    • Electronic marking, stored within the system

    • Reporting on hand-ins

    • Feedback

    • Smart-response electronic lecture evaluation

For the student

It’s a brave new world out there, one that has shifted how we do things exponentially; and learning is no exception. Our Instructor platform has evolved into a ‘have-to-have’ tool for students. By providing interaction, information, chat rooms, discussion forums, digital course management, student records (and the list goes on) students receive the absolute best in digital management platforms.

A great starting point on our student portal is the tour class directory feature. Here students can get to know their fellow members, see who’s in class with them and stay in touch via information they have provided, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, LinkedIn.

Electronic course management, course material – well, literally everything and anything a student needs to get through with flying colours. Our platform offers students not only a place to get through the myriad of tasks, but to also chat about them, compare notes, submit assignments and tests, view and evaluate their progress, be inspired by others or be reminded of socials or deadlines. Our system can integrate with building management systems, accounting management tools, social streams: there is nothing that we haven’t thought of. Our goal is to make certain that your student receives the most out of their learning experience, in an easy- to-use and enjoyable manner.


Student Features:

    • Class / Course directory

    • Schedule management

    • Communication and notifications (Email; SMS; Instructor platform; Real-time chat rooms)

    • Focus group forums; Blogs; Social groups

    • Deadline and due date reminders

    • Workload management

    • Course material, notes, files, presentations, videos

    • Video lectures

    • Supplementary learning material

    • Digital task submissions, assignments, tests and marking

    • VHistorical results and information on courses completed

    • Account information

    • Access to support nodes (lectures, IT, Finance

    • Transcripts and certificate storage

Taking something ordinary and making extraordinary
is what we at Metisware are pretty good at. 

With our e-learning product Instructor – we’ve taken a standard e-learning product and through time, experience and getting to know our clients’ needs, we have customised it into
something… well… extra special.


All things IT, that’s what we at Metisware are in a nutshell, a very large nutshell that is. We are a team of true tech geeks, who absolutely love what we do, and that is developing cool useful stuff.

What We Do

We have a pretty good reputation for making things possible. Our teams genuinely gets excited when we receive an out-of-the-box challenge. We centre our development from the ground up based on our clients’ needs.

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